Abstinence Cape Citrus 750ml Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit


Cape Citrus – Summer in a bottle! With a dominant citrus backbone, supported by delicate notes of buchu, pepper and fennel, woven together with a warm spice element of cassia bark.

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Inspired by Cape Town’s rich cultural diversity, culinary history and bountiful indigenous flora, the Abstinence Cape Spice draws its inspiration from indigenous African dishes, as well as our Dutch, Indian and Portuguese spice history. Abstinence is a locally produced, premium non-alcoholic drinks range for all occasions. This sophisticated, distilled non-alcoholic drinks range is made through a bespoke distillation process and painstakingly amassed from some of Cape Town’s finest indigenous flora.

• No added flavouring or colouring.
• Non-alcoholic with zero sugar.


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