Conservation Trio Gift Box


Conservation Trio Gift Set 3 x 50ml Bottle



Our team at Gin & Co is passionate and truly concerned about conservation. Through strategic partnership and our conservation trio of handcrafted gin, we have created a fund raising channel to financially contribute to the protection of nature and wildlife conservation within our area.

Let’s introduce our flavours…..

Guardian Africa Gin is distilled with 11 botanicals offered by our abundant soil which allows us to craft the most flavoured gin in a “London Dry” style. These include juniper, baobab Orris Root, Angelica, Orange and Lemon Zest, to name a few.

Safari African Gin distilled in small batches with 12 different botanicals which include Pork Bush, African Wild Ginger, African Potato Bush and Marula.

Wild Horse Wooded Gin distilled in small batches with 12 botanicals, of which include juniper , Angelica, Coriander and cassia Bark and aged in French Oak.

Listen carefully while you sip on this trio of gin, as you may hear the thunder of the wild wild horses hooves in the distance or the roar of a lion, and delight in knowing that you have joined the ranks of Nature’s Guardian. We thank you for your support!


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