Musgrave Dual Gift Pack


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  • Original Musgrave Gin
    • The aroma is woody and forest-like and the flavour is an inviting, peppery warmth without the harshness of black pepper
    • The woody character gives way to cloves, cinnamon and a faint hint of cardamom and leaves you with a gentle flame
    • Awards: Silver at the 2016 Michelangelo awards
  • Pink Gin:
    • Distilled with Musgrave’s signature 11 botanicals, and features top notes of cardamom, African ginger and Grains of Paradise, softened by the addition of rosehips during the distillation process
    • Rosehips and an infusion of rosewater add subtle perfume and exotic flavour to the gin
    • Awards: Gold at the 2016 Michelangelo awards
    • Alcohol by volume: 43%


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