Fabulous Foursome Gift Box


Fabulous Foursome Gift Box 4 x 50ml Dollie Gin



We know you’ll be fanatical about our carefully crafted range of bold flavours and botanicals and within our Fabulous Foursome we’re sure you’ll find the perfect match. Whilst each is different, we suggest that all are savoured over ice and served with tonic. Now, let’s introduce our flavours…
Lowveld Dry is the unique base to our range of Dollie Gin, it’s secret ingredient is found in the Lowveld. If you have time, add a wedge of lime and a stem of mint.
Rooibos & Lemongrass Gin, it’s full-bodied with zesty tones and has citrus notes within. Add a sprig rosemary and a slice of citrus. Blueberry & Pimento Gin is spicy, yet sweet. Add sprig of thyme, fresh blueberries or figs to make this one complete.
Strawberry & Wild Basil Gin has a luscious pink hue, pop some fresh cucumber or strawberries in for a refreshing, indulgent drink.
It’s over to you, go forth and explore our wonderful range. It is sure to make you feel jolly, we’re utterly delighted you’ve found a friend in Dollie!


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